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Cannery Rapa

We specialize primarily in the production of canned vegetables, which we offer in a comprehensive range of products, which includes not only single-species vegetables, but also vegetable salads and mixtures. We focus mainly on the retail network, but our products are also indispensable in the field of gastronomy.


The company RAPA s.r.o. was founded in 1992. It followed the long tradition of local canneries and in 1993 production of the company began. Since 1995, it has been one of the major suppliers of canned food on the Czech market. In the summer of 2008, BRICK form s.r.o., which is also a producer of canned vegetables and fruit, became its owner. This merger created one of the largest canning groups in the Czech Republic.


Range of products

Our current varied range of products meets the requirements of modern healthy nutrition and meets all the demanding standards of the European Union. It is important for us to ensure the high quality of the final products, which is why we are already focusing on the selection of raw materials. The processing and final packaging process is also important. We emphasize not only the production process, but also the design.


Our logistics centers in Brno and Bzenec allow us to satisfy customer orders flexibly and in a short period of time. On average, we produce around 4,600,000 jars a year. Thanks to the significant size of the premises, we are able to store the entire range of products offered. Those premises are located near the main transport routes in the Czech Republic. Due to the long-term cooperation with our contract carriers, our services can rely on a fleet of 30 trucks. The overall logistics centre of our company allows us to provide quality supplier service even outside the Czech Republic.


Business strategy

Our business strategy is focused primarily on creating long-term business partnerships, which we currently maintain with many major companies in the Czech market. These companies are, for example, Penny Market, Čepos, Jednota, Flosman, Hruška and many others. Other services which we provide include JIT supplier service, wholesale, custom manufacturing according to customer requirements, providing private labels, guaranteed annual contracts, and others.