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Cannery Novák

We are a South Moravian joint-stock company, which was registered in the Company Register on January 10, 2000. We are factory in Hrabětice. We focus mainly on the production of sterilized vegetables, compotes and ketchups. Since 2017, BRICK form s.r.o. has been co-owner of our company.


The company Novák konzervárny, a.s. was founded in 1991 and began construction of a new processing plant, so called "greenfield project". The original intention was to specialize in processing locally sourced vegetables into glass small-consumers packaging. Production began in 1992 with basic technological equipment. Only cucumbers, peppers and cabbage were included in our production program. In the next development, we have expanded our product range to include glass large-consumers packaging. In addition, we started processing other vegetables: sweet corn, red cabbage, sauerkraut, beetroots, carrots, celery. In 1998, we significantly expanded our capacity by installing a second processing line. In 1999, we focused on the implementation of the project of bottling and packaging table water. In the year 2000, we realized the production of ketchups, tomato purees, jams in terms of both construction and technology. In 2001, we installed new technologies for our own production of PET bottles. In 2004, our company purchased technology for packaging vegetables in PE bags and thus entered a new segment in the market of sterilized vegetables. At the same time, the production of packaging of water in PET bottles ceased that year.


Range of products

Besides to single-species vegetables, we currently offer a wide range of mixtures and salads. We also offer tomato products. More specifically, these are tomato purees, ketchup and vegetable lecho in packages from 300 ml up to 10 kg plastic buckets. In the area of single-species vegetables, we have included cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, beetroots and many other vegetables. We offer not only vegetables, but also fruit, where our main products are fruit compotes and jams.


We currently employ about 150 employees at our company in the period from June to December. During the main processing season, work takes place in continuous operation. Out of the main processing season, we employ about 40 employees.



Our company is implementing a project: "Improvement of the product processing Novák konzervárna a.s." This project is supported under the Rural Development Program, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The main objective of the project is to streamline the entire production process. The project has an impact on the increasing labour productivity and improving the conditions of the company's employees, streamlining and improving the company's operations, reducing the environmental burden, reducing economic demandingness associated with the operation of old machines and accessories, including the search for seasonal workers and increasing the competitiveness of the company.