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Cannery Ekon

We are a Czech, South Moravian canning company. We focus on the production of sterilized vegetables and fruits and supply goods to independent wholesalers, we also supply school canteens and hospitals. We have become a major supplier of canning products to delicatessens, fast food and gastronomic establishments throughout the Czech Republic. We are one of the leading Czech producers of canned vegetables and fruit compotes.


Cannery EKON spol. s.r.o. was founded on July 7, 1999 in Miroslav, where it established a production facility on the premises of the former company Fruta, and thus practically replaced the production of the defunct giant. The company EKON spol. s.r.o. carried out a number of renovations in the area. However, it remained in Miroslav and it still stands there today.


Range of products

We offer you an exceptionally high-quality selection of raw materials provided by long-term supply of proven domestic farmers. We also offer you the largest selection of DIA products on the market.

Fruit compotes, which form a varied range of products consisting of 40 types of compotes. The offer also includes DIA products composed of fruit and sweetened with artificial sweeteners, which reduce the energy value of the product.

And large range of canned vegetables, which currently consists of 34 kinds of products.The major part of the offer consists of gastro packaging and part of consumer packaging. In the future, we plan to expand our product range with additional products.


Not only high-quality products, but also comfortable services provided to the customer are our goal and priority to your overall satisfaction. We focus on the satisfaction of our customers also in the field of logistics and processing. In order to provide the customer with comfort and convenience, we strive to arrange all the necessary delivery points in the Czech Republic. Not only do we provide a personal approach, but also the speed and variability of processing your requirements.



We focus on a wide range of products such as sterilized vegetables, vegetable salads, mixes, fruit compotes and more. We emphasize the production and selection of quality raw materials to bring the customer the pleasure of purchasing our product.


Increasing the efficiency of the operation in company Ekon spol. s.r.o. is co-financed by the European Union. Investment in processing operations leading to an increase in the value added of agricultural products.

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